The list below answers our most frequently asked questions. If we do not list the answer to all your questions here, please contact us toll free at 1.800-820-3576 and we'll be more than happy to answer any additional queries.
Q. What types of scooters does offer?
A. We offer two scooter models:
the standard Go Go Traveller Elite Plus H.D for guests weighing up to 325 pounds and the Heavy Duty Scooter PROWLER which is slightly larger, for guests weighing up to 500 pounds. Please visit our scooter models page for full specs on each of our scooters.
Q. Are scooters easy to drive?
A. Yes, very easy, requiring the use of your right hand to move the scooter forward and left hand to move in reverse. All our scooters feature built in brake systems, which activate when you release the controller.
Q. How fast do they travel?
A. All our models feature two speed modes, turtle and rabbit (slow and fast). In rabbit mode your scooter can reach a max speed of about 4.5 mph (7.0 km/h). Always select to ride in turtle mode while traveling with walking companions or navigating through crowds to prevent your scooter from speeding past your cohorts or endangering other pedestrians. As the rider you directly control your scooter’s speed by pulling on the forward lever¬, similar to how hard you press on the gas pedal of a car.
Q. Can I take my rental scooter in my car?
A. For daily car transport we recommend our lightweight Go Go Traveller Elite Plus H.D model, which simply folds-up in seconds.
Q. How do I pay for my rental scooter? What is the cancellation policy?
A. accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card. Although many of our clients place orders several months in advance, we do not charge your card for the balance due until the day before we deliver the scooter.
Q. Where do you deliver and pick up?
A. delivers to, and picks up from, locations throughout Tampa Bay area including hotels, condos, private homes and airline baggage claim areas. If you are staying at a hotel, the equipment will be at the hotel's luggage room with your name on it; just tell the hotel clerk at check-in to claim your scooter. If you’re staying in a hotel or resort, just return your scooter to the front desk or bellhop as specified by your hotelier and we’ll take it from there; please don’t leave your scooter inside your room when you check out. If your scooter is not at the pick-up location at your designated time, you will be charged for an extra rental day plus a supplementary pick-up fee. If you request an equipment delivery or pick-up at a private home or other location that requires you to be present, please call us immediately if you find you must reschedule to avoid incurring extra fees.
Q. Will my scooter run all day without recharging the batteries?
A. Yes, but don't forget to drive your scooter into your quarters every night in order to charge the batteries for the next day’s use. Also, your weight and the hours you desire to operate your scooter each day directly affect the charge life of the batteries. Please be accurate when listing the rider’s weight on the rental form and provide as many details as possible about your intended use so that we may provide you with the most appropriate equipment, accessories and instructions.
Q. What if I change hotels during my stay?
A. Take your scooter to your new hotel and give us a call so we'll know where to pick it up.
Q. Can I leave my scooter for short periods while in the theme parks?
A. Absolutely. Just take your scooter ignition key with you when you get off the scooter to discourage “joy-riders.” Your scooter will have your name on it, so there’s no worries about finding the correct scooter when you return.
Q. I have a disability. Is there anything special I should know when I visit the parks?
A. Check with the theme park’s guest services center to find out if they have special instruction booklets for guests with disabilities. Certain attractions have special entrances to accommodate wheelchair and scooter users, and on some rides you may be able to ride your scooter while in line to the boarding area.
Q. Can I bring my scooter on my cruise?
A. Yes, all cruise ships departing from Tampa welcome scooters. Some cruise lines will ask you to leave your scooter plugged into an outlet in the hallway outside your stateroom to charge at night while others require you to charge your scooter in your room, so please speak with your travel agent or cruise line to confirm the appropriate policy.
Q: How do I know if my battery charger is working or that the battery is fully charged?
A: Please charge your scooter every night regardless of use (red and yellow lights indicates charging; green light indicates the battery is fully charged).
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